It is important to have self awareness , worth and love no matter if you are dating , something a little bit more or married . These things are important in order for you to love the one you are allowing to share your life . Especially if you are attempting to love them long and strong .

Some questions you may want to ask yourself before starting a relationship , entering into one and through out the relationship are : Do you know your likes, dislikes , limits and acceptability? Do you have a clear understanding of what your end game is for yourself and your partner ? Is this a fling or could it be a forever thing ? What is the core of your union? Did you marry with the right intent ? Are you settling or are you searching for more ? Can you be trusted in this relationship ? What is your level of loyalty and commitment to the relationship . Do you like who you are or become in this relationship ? Are you a better person and does your partner make you a better person ? Will all parties be properly fed in this relationship ?

A self evaluation is important before giving any part of yourself to some one . If you are unaware of self how will you know who you can connect with healthily? When beginning new employment most employers require a six month probationary period to see if you are a good fit for the position or if the position is a good fit for you. If probation is failed you will not be allowed to keep the position . This is why it’s important to know who you are to know who you should allow in , entertain or love . Everyone is not up to the job physically , emotionally or mentally.

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